Odjel za povijest

Department of History


Department of History of the University of Zadar was founded in 1956 when the study of history had been set up within the new Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zadar. From the onset the aims were to strengthen research activities and to build research and teaching staff. These aims were fulfilled in due time. Nowadays Department of History excels in the research of history focused on the area of Croatian littoral ie. Adriatic Sea, within the broader Mediterranean and south-european context. The study is offered on three levels: BA, MA and PhD, and the research reflect the needs of students and the public in order to facilitate the understanding of history in the contemporary context. The study of history aims to train the students for the labour market with the learning outcomes achieved during the study.

Department of History of the University of Zadar is open towards all interested in studying and researching history and offers hospitable and stimulating atmosphere that would make you contented. In the vicinity of the Department there are buildings of State Archives of Zadar, University Library and Science Library that offer exceptional opportunities for the research and study.

The emblem of the Department is the head of Johannes Lucius (Ivan Lucić) 1604-1679 the father of Croatian historiography. His most important book is De regno Dalmatiae et Croatiae (Amsterdam, 1666) depicting the history of Croatian lands from prehistory till the 15th century. The work is noted by great erudition, argumentation and methodology surpassing all similar historians up to and during Lucius time.